Staying Active During Pregnancy

There are many reasons for staying active during your pregnancy, including reduced weight gain, increased energy levels, and in some cases, easier labor and delivery. Here are some safe exercises we recommend to help you keep your activity level up while pregnant:



Walking is one of the best exercises you can do while pregnant. It gets your blood pumping and your energy levels up, all with the added bonus of fresh air and a change of scene. It also helps to walk after meals - the movement helps wash out any excess acid from your esophagus, preventing heartburn pains. You can learn more about ways too sooth heartburn during pregnancy here.


Take the Stairs

Without pushing yourself too hard, try taking the stairs when you’re feeling up to it! Not only will stairs do wonders for your leg and stomach muscles, they’ll help your body build up strength and stamina. Just remember to use caution in your second and third trimesters, as your center of gravity may be off and it will be harder to maintain your balance. 



Find A Class

Did you know some gyms offer fitness classes exclusively for women who are pregnant? It’s true! Finding a pregnancy yoga class or power-walking class is a great way to stay fit during pregnancy while also making new friends. Other good exercise classes include aerobic exercise and swimming. Always be sure to inform your instructor if you are taking a regular, non-pregnancy fitness class so they can be aware of your needs, and don’t overextend yourself!



Avoid High-Risk Activities

Lastly, be sure to avoid any high-risk activities. These include any exercises that involve lying on your back, or that run the risk of falling. Contact sports are another big no-no, as they can result in getting hit in the stomach.

It’s always important to listen to your body and know when you need to rest or cut back. The most important thing is making sure your body and baby are getting they need, including strength, nourishment, and rest. If you have questions about activities your body can handle during pregnancy, ask your doctor or give us a call.

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