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An annual well-woman exam involves preventive screenings and evaluations to ensure you’re in good health. The team of women’s health experts at All About Women OB/GYN in Panama City, Florida, offer comprehensive health exams for women of all ages. You can book your well-woman exam directly through the website, or you can call the office to speak with a team member.

Well Woman Exam Q & A

Why do I need a well-woman exam?

Even if you’re in good health and don’t have any health problems or concerns, it’s still important to have an annual well-woman exam. This personalized evaluation that takes into account your age and health history is a comprehensive preventive visit. You need regular well-woman exams to get:

  • Answers for all of your gynecological and sexual health questions
  • Screened for cancer, including cervical and breast cancer
  • Started on birth control, or to change the one you’re using
  • Screened for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
  • Updates on vaccinations and immunizations

Your All About Women OB/GYN may run labs, such as blood work or a urinalysis, and talk with you about any abnormalities they notice. 

What happens during a well-woman exam?

The expert physicians at All About Women OB/GYN enjoy getting to know each patient individually. During the exam, your dedicated OB/GYN sits and talks with you about your health and any changes or concerns you may have. If you’re new to the practice, they may need to gather information about your personal and family medical history, too.

After sitting and talking with you, your OB/GYN steps out of the room for a moment so you can slip into a gown. Then during your physical exam, your OB/GYN may perform any of the following.

  • Heart and lungs check 
  • Blood pressure check
  • Pelvic exam
  • Breast exam
  • Pap smear

If you need hormone replacement therapy for menopause or birth control pills, your doctor can prescribe your medication, too. Or if you want a birth control implant or intrauterine device (IUD), your OB/GYN can often insert them during your exam. 

How do I prepare for a well-woman exam?

Before you come into All About Women OB/GYN for your well-woman exam, there are a few things you can do to prepare. For instance, if you’re due for a Pap smear — usually every three years if you have a history of normal tests — it’s best to schedule your visit when you’re not on your period. Your menstrual flow could affect the outcome of your screening.

If you’re new to the practice, it’s helpful to request records from your primary care physician or former OB/GYN. Lastly, before you leave the house, make a list of all of your prescriptions, dietary supplements, and questions for your doctor. These simple steps can help ensure you get the most out of your well-woman exam at All About Women OB/GYN.

Schedule your well-woman exam at All About Women OB/GYN today. Click on the online scheduler or call the clinic to book an appointment.