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You have many options for contraception — some last for years at a time — so you can find a solution that fits your lifestyle and your family planning needs. At All About Women OB/GYN in Panama City, Florida, the dedicated practitioners spend time educating you about different types of birth control, so you can make an informed decision. Book your contraception appointment online today or call the clinic directly to schedule your visit.

Contraception Q & A

Which type of contraception is most effective?

Contraception can be over 99% effective at preventing unwanted pregnancy, depending on which type you choose. Below are some of the most popular formularies and their effectiveness rates — from most effective to least effective.

  • Birth control implant, like Nexplanon®: 99%
  • Intrauterine device (IUD), including Mirena® and Skyla®: 99%
  • Birth control shot, such as Depo-Provera®: 94%
  • Birth control vaginal ring (NuvaRing®), patch, or pill: 91%

While these prescription-only birth control formularies are highly effective at preventing unwanted pregnancy, they don’t safeguard you from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). You should pair these types of contraception with a male or female condom for optimal protection. 

How do I choose the right type of contraception?

Figuring out which type of birth control is right for you can be overwhelming. The caring team at All About Women OB/GYN teach you about all of the different types of contraception, so you can work together to find the best option. To help you select the ideal birth control for your needs, your OB/GYN may ask:

  • When or if you plan to have children
  • What you currently use for birth control
  • If you can be diligent about taking the pill at the same time daily

This sort of information helps your OB/GYN determine which types of birth control may be ideal for your needs. If your family is complete or you don’t want to have children, your OB/GYN can also talk with you about sterilization options, such as a bilateral tubal ligation, hysterectomy, or Essure® procedure. 

When is contraception effective?

It depends on which one you choose and when you start it. IUDs, for instance, are effective right away. The birth control implant can also be effective immediately if you get it during the first five days of your period, otherwise, you need to wait a week. 

With other options, including the birth control shot and birth control pills, if you start them within seven days of the first day of your period, they can be effective right away. 

In any case, it’s important to talk with your doctor at All About Women OB/GYN about when your birth control is going to be most effective at preventing unwanted pregnancy. Your OB/GYN may recommend a backup method — like spermicide or a condom — until your contraception takes effect. 

Book your contraception evaluation at All About Women OB/GYN today. You can conveniently schedule an appointment either online or over the phone.