4 Important Reasons To See Your OBGYN

Scheduling an appointment with your OBGYN can be an intimidating experience for many women, especially the first time. It can feel awkward and uncomfortable in the beginning, but going in for regular routine exams is incredibly important for your health. Here’s why:

Your General Health

It’s no secret that a visit to the doctor helps determine the general health and condition of your body. When you meet with your OBGYN, they’re not just monitoring the health in specific areas, they check to make sure everything is running smoothly throughout your whole body. 

Breast Examinations

It’s essential to visit your OBGYN to help monitor for signs of breast cancer. Mammograms and other tests can help detect the health of your breasts and determine whether or not you could be at risk of something serious.

Pap Smear

Ah yes, the Pap smear. A Pap smear is what we call a “preventative examination”, because it’s designed to detect signs of cervical cancer by testing cells on the cervix. Generally, women over the age of 21 are advised and encouraged to start getting regular Pap smears, although the frequency of the examination is up to you and your OBGYN.

Anything Pregnancy Related

If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, a visit to your OBGYN’s office is recommended. Your OBGYN can provide you with important, valuable medical information that will help you in moving forward with your pregnancy. 

There are, of course, many other reasons to meet with your OBGYN, however these four points are crucial when it comes to your body’s health. Call today to schedule an appointment with us: 850-785-1517

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